Letter from Joe, author of WP Link Engine

Written on July 9, 2009 by Joe.

You've probably heard of keyword autoreplacement by now, its no secret anymore: anyone who's in the "inner circle" of bloggers, that is the people making making thousands of dollars with their blogs, are using keyword replacement.

This "inner circle" holds lots of secrets, and keyword replacement is just one of them. Keyword replacement is one of the most basic features of WP Link Engine — that doesn't change that its one of the most powerful. You specify keywords, and if you like, some formatting, and any time those keywords show up in your blog, they're replaced automatically with links to your affiliate.

Link Engine is designed to turn your links in to serious tools for making money online. Keyword replacement itself has often doubled, tripled or even quadrupled people's income in just minutes (literally!).

But, like I said, that's just one feature of Link Engine, and I know you're itching to hear about the rest.

Link Engine easily cloaks links — turn a link to a long, ugly affiliate URL that makes it clear you're promoting an affiliate product (which often turns potential customers off, especially if you're writing as an "unbiased" source — like a blogger or reviewer) in to a pretty, anonymous and short link.

These links themselves are pretty cool. You can use them anywhere, not just within WordPress. These are links you can use on any website, anywhere, with no additional technical dependencies, no installation, nothing.

It gets better though. These links can be "intelligent". Rather than going to one destination, they can rotate through as many destinations as you like; want to show one destination 10% of the time, and another 90%? You can do that. Want to split 4 destinations evenly? Also very easy to do. This means you can very easily split test your landing pages or affiliate offers.

Even more intelligently — you can specify links per country. Most affiliate networks do something really silly — if you send them traffic from outside of the desired countries for that particular offer, they redirect it to a hyper-generic offer like Smiley Central or Webfetti. This leaves you no control at all over where your links go: WP Link Engine solves that entirely. You can specify destinations per country to make sure you optimize every click to become a high-paying conversion.

There's dozens more features I'm not going to go in to here, if you want, you should check out the features tour and live demo pages, but there's one last thing I want to touch on. Company/IP/referrer-based link discrimination. This is a feature that will blow your mind and probably even change the way you think about affiliate marketing — especially if you do PPC stuff.

This literally means you can search the IP registration databases, find the IP addresses that certain companies use, and show them different destinations than your normal users. If... say... you wanted to get an ad approved on Facebook for something like rebill offers or e-mail submits, and Facebook wouldn't accept it... you could display them one landing page, and the users a different landing page: getting your ad approved and your bank account grown.

Worried that its not for you? Worried that maybe you don't have enough experience? Don't be. Its for beginners and seasoned pros alike. The easy plug-n-play WordPress plugin style means you simply have to drag and drop the software to your WordPress install, and its done. Everything else is explained for you. Plus, its compatible with any server, anywhere, and the latest version of WordPress — promise!

If that didn't convince you, it doesn't matter: I personally guarantee every purchase with my "30 day no questions asked money back guarantee" policy. This means if you're not happy, you send me an email, and you get your money back. 100% of your money back. I won't ask questions, I won't force you to justify why you want your money back, I won't delay, I won't hassle you, you'll just straight up get every dollar you gave me back.

Literally, at $79 you can't do any better. There's no reason not to give this a try. I promise you its better than any similar products — its got more useful features, and the features it does have are easier, more efficient and just straight up better. I've used the competition. I decided it sucked and I had to build something better — that's how WP Link Engine came up.

- Joe

P.S., I offer great support. So great that people have offered to pay me extra numerous times for things I do for free. My support feeds starving children — I always tell users who offer me more money to go donate to Feed The Children, an Oklahoma based charity. If you have any questions after purchasing, or you want to talk about some of the features here, I'm always available via e-mail at support@wplinkengine.com.

P.P.S., I'm also the lead developer of WP Quick Polls, software to make affiliate polls and WP Smart Tools, the most popular WordPress affiliate toolkit on the Internet. Check them out too, alright?

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