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Create clean, cloaked links.

Easily create short links, like "www.yoursite.com/slug" which point to your affiliate offers or other destinations. These links are search engine friendly, keyword-dense and easy to remember. Use these for online and offline marketing alike.

Rotate / test destinations

We all know testing is important. Very important. One of the best ways to test is to rotate or split-test offers, and that is something that Link Engine does very well. Create links with one, two, ten or three hundred destinations — and anywhere in between. Control how frequently they're rotated (percentage), or rotate them evenly.

Geotargetted link destinations

Affiliate networks often have offers which are restricted to users from certain countries — often the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. These offers will redirect traffic which doesn't match those locations to lower payout, lower conversion rate offers like Smiley Central or Webfetti. With Link Engine you can easily control where your links go to on a per-country basis to ensure you get the most out of your traffic.

Multiple URLs per link.

Click one link, open two, three, four — as many as you like — destinations. Like this link (opens two popups and the order page).

Restrict and control destinations.

Control the destination based on IP, hostname or referrer. What this means is you can easily, even with no experience, point people who say... work at Facebook or Google... towards a different destination than everyone else. There's literally hundreds of great, profitable uses for this. Identify that traffic from one source converts better than another? Redirect it.

Sophisticated cloaking mechanisms.

Cloaking your traffic can aid in preventing affiliate theft, commission theft, etc. There's also a number of popular black hat uses for this. With Link Engine, you can easily hide referrers with the standard double meta refresh, Javascript redirects, etc., which often leak referrer data — or you can use our sophisticated Guaranteed WipeTM system. Guaranteed Wipe uses our system to ensure that referrer information is never sent to the receiving website. Alternatively, try Javascript->Meta or use our custom code option to build your own solution.

Compatible with HTTPS WordPress installations..

Installing WordPress on an HTTPS domain aids in referrer wiping. Linking from HTTPS to regular HTTP, as most affiliate links will, wipes the referrer in most browsers. You can use Link Engine on http or https domains with no problem.

Click statistics.

Track clicks on your links, clicks per day and unique clicks to gain some valuable insight in to which links are being clicked. Tracking is important!

Easy subcampaign tracking.

Create "subcampaigns" simply by adding a subcampaign name to the end of your URL to track clicks separately. Want to track how many people click certain instances of links on your site? Easily make subcampaigns for any of them.

Full Tracking/Prosper202 compatibility.

Easily integrate Link Engine and Prosper202 or Tracking202 for a complete, free tracking package to see which links are converting, etc. Not sure how? Check out the documentation, or send me an e-mail and I'll get you set up!

Specify an expiration date.

Allow links to expire, and allow expired links to redirect to another URL. If for example, you know an offer/campaign is going offline at a certain date, or you have any other reason to not allow the link to remain indefinitely.

Autolink keywords.

Turn an existing blog in to a money making machine. Easily replace any keyword(s) you want with links to your affiliate offer or other destination. Override appearance with color, font, size and other settings as well to make the links stand out, and thus, convert better.

Manage frustrating advertisers, affiliate networks.

Some advertisers are restrictive about what kind of ads to display on their networks. The big name affiliate marketers are all taking steps to get around this, now you can too. Easily use the link restriction settings to show Facebook, Google or other ad approvers a different landing page than your users.

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