Frequently Asked Questions

Does WP Link Engine work with Safari, Opera, Chrome, and other "rare" browsers? Absolutely. The whole thing works out of the box with any browser.

Does WP Link Engine replace any URL? Yes. You can create keyword replacements for any keyword or URL in the world and you can "automatch" to any existing URLs.

Does WP Link Engine support prefixes on URLs? Yes. Simply specify the URL with the prefix, for example.

What do I get with a WP Link Engine license? A purchase of WP Link Engine comes with an unlimited license to use the script on any domain you own, a bonus theme split testing script, which easily allows you to test between multiple WordPress themes to see which converts the best. Furthermore, you get lifetime support for both plugins, free technical support, and a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

Is there a monthly fee? No way. WP Link Engine is excellent value, for just $79 you get all of the stuff mentioned in the previous question, including the right to use the script on as many domains as you want for as long as you want. There's no timeline, no expiration, nothing; WP Link Engine is good forever, with no extra fees.

I'm a WP Smart Tools owner, can I upgrade Link Saver to Link Engine? Login to a WordPress blog powered by WP Smart Tools and navigate to Plugins -> Link Saver, in there, you'll find an upgrade code. Follow the instructions to upgrade.

I'm a WP Smart Tools owner, why should I upgrade Link Saver to Link Engine? Link restriction features allow you to control who sees your landing pages, allows you to cloak and hide content for certain users, etc. New link redirection methods allow you to control how users see your links. Automatching links within existing sites allows you to even easier than before turn existing sites in to money sites. There's dozens of extra features that make Link Engine an essential upgrade.

Can I use WP Link Engine links outside of WordPress? Yes! You can use them on your advertising networks, other traffic sources, anywhere you want! That's the beauty of it - all in one link management.

Can I get a refund if I want one? You won't. But, if for whatever reason you do, our 30 day money back guarantee means you can receive a refund within 30 days of purchase with no questions asked whatsoever. Just send us an e-mail, its that easy!

I have no experience with affiliate marketing, or I'm totally new to this or I have no technical skills, will this work for me? Definitely. The script is very simple to use, designed for beginners to implement all the advanced techniques used by the big name affiliate marketers. Furthermore, the script contains small pieces of documentation scattered within, as indicated by little [?]s, and a complete user guide within the script easily accessed to allow you to quickly look up anything you're not sure you understand. Within days of installing the script, you'll be working as the best affiliate marketers in terms of your implementation.

I'm a hugely experienced affiliate marketer with lots of technical skill, should I buy Link Engine? Probably. It'll save you time and money, and, features like Guaranteed Wipe referrer cleaning and the geotargetting make this the best product on the market for you. This will make your life easier. Hundreds of hours of development, research and production have gone in to this, and would have to in order to reproduce the functionality yourself — at $79, its a steal for anyone. :-)

Does Guaranteed Wipe really block all referrers? It does. Referrer information is never sent to the destination website, that's a promise!

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Purchase an unlimited license of WP Link Engine for only $79 (US) and get:

  • Immediate download of the unencoded plugin.
  • Free bonus theme split-tester plugin.
  • Unlimited access to free updates.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase for any reason, let me know within 30 days of purchase. I will refund your purchase, no questions asked.

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